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Chronic Health Issues
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A shared community for sufferers of any and all sorts of chronic health issues, mental, emotional, and physical. These can be anything from Irritable Bowel Syndrome to Diabetes, Leukemia to Panic Attacks, Allergies to Cancer. If it's something you suffer from regularly, this is the place to find people who will understand.

We welcome supporters here, too, not just sufferers. If you're a spouse/significant other/family member/friend of someone with a chronic health problem, by all means, jump right in. Just because you weren't the one diagnosed with the issue doesn't mean you aren't living with it.

Which brings me to the rules. Yes, there are rules for this community. Not many, though. I hope you meet new friends here. That's the point, to find people who can help support those of us who need a little extra support from time to time. I don't insist that every post on this forum be about the health issues specifically, but let's keep in mind that this is a community journal, not a private one. If you have some really great news that you want to share with your friends, mention it briefly and link to it on your own journal. Any long posts here in this journal should stay on topic, okay?

Please do not post quiz results.

There are two things that will get you banned but quick. One is being judgmental. Any comment suggesting that someone's health issue is "deserved," that they were "asking for it," or that it's "all in their head" will get you booted from the community faster than Superman on Crack. The second is excessive rudeness. You can debate or even argue all you want, and I'm not going to punish you for profanity, either, since I curse on a regular basis. But when attacks start turning personal, my "console finger" starts itching.

Other than that, it's wide open. The floor is yours!

Moderated by todfox. Please contact him via email (todfox at livejournal dot com), or by one of the other methods in his profile, if you have questions or need to resolve disputes or problems.

The community founder is mouseferatu.

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